a soft revolution…

I thought I would share with you guys a very thought-provoking article I read. I did not get it from any reputable news source other than the Yahoo! most popular news page. It was about an Iranian-American journalist, working in Iran, who was recently convicted of espionage. There was one quote of particular interest:

Human rights groups have repeatedly criticized Iran for arresting journalists and suppressing freedom of speech. The government has arrested several Iranian-Americans in the past few years, citing alleged attempts to overthrow its Islamic government through what it calls a “soft revolution.”

What is a soft revolution? To be honest, I would take that as a complement.

Think about it, hard revolutions are usually bloody. But the world is fucked up in more ways than one, and soft revolutions can only occur when mankind combines idealism with pragmatism.

I think soft revolutions are very underrated.


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