Future Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, Part I

We recently had Hall of Fame voting for baseball (congratulations to Ricky Henderson and Jim Rice)–did you know there’s also a Hall of Fame for Rock & Roll???

Today we will be looking at who will be enshrined here in Cleveland and which artists will disappoint and become the Roger Maris’s and Tommy John’s of Rock & Roll. The aforementioned term “rock & roll” is loosely defined here; it could be Heavy Metal, Alternative, Rap, or Raffi farting on a snare drum for all they care. As such, it was difficult to come of with a list of artists that were great at “music”, but I have seperated future candidates (that I happened to think of so far) into Yes, Maybe and No categories. Today we’ll look at the yes’s:


Beastie Boys
Green Day
Guns ‘N Roses
Pearl Jam
The Pixies
Public Enemy
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sonic Youth
Tupac Shakur
The White Stripes
Wu-Tang Clan

These are bands that I’d be shocked if they didn’t get into the same R&R HoF that enshrined Bonnie Raitt and The Lovin’ Spoonful back in 2000. If anyone disagrees, I guess make your case here.

Next time we’ll look at some “bubble teams” in the R&R HoF world, with the “maybes” and “nos”…


4 thoughts on “Future Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, Part I

  1. Couldn’t help but notice you didn’t mention Josh Groban, quite the blooper. Also, Green Day should have been involved in a plane crash in about 1998, then they might have had a case. And Pearl Jam? Who the fuck cares.

    I also missed several of your calls the other day, I was sleeping/hungover/

  2. I could be biased as I’ve seen them live. I’ll talk about this later, but another thing is that bands should get consideration for being innovative. In this case, the 2-man lineup (sans bass player) is pretty much associated with them more than any other band I know.

  3. Also re Green Day, I feel like they were insanely popular at multiple points in their career–obviously after Dookie, but then with that “Time of Your Life” song and then after American Idiot, they probably got overplayed each of those 3 times. Given the bands from the 60s/70s that made it, they seem qualified based on pure volume of hits.

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