My Experimental Phase

Some new shit for you. This first song is very abstract; it contains a multitude of themes and motifs that can be summarized by the picture below…sort of.

Just for fun, here is a cover of the song “Schizophrenia” by U-Melt…sort of (FYI the original is much cheesier). I accidently deleted the project for that one, so I can never edit it again–so I figured I might as well be done with it.

Hopefully I haven’t alienated my entire fanbase of 4 people with these fucked up songs. But at least I’ve had fun working on them. Stay tuned for more shit, I’ve got a lot of projects that are about half-done. Punk rock, techno, blues, probably anything is fair game.


3 thoughts on “My Experimental Phase

  1. I like the first song there, it’s not as “out there” as I thought it would be. And it’s pretty well mixed, I’m wondering what software/hardware you used there. The guitar at the end (start 2:35) is awesome. It comes in a little too quickly, but the riffs are awesome, and it fades out much better.

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