R.I.P. Eight Belles

Some somber news to report today: the filly Eight Belles tragically lost her life this weekend racing in the Kentucky Derby. This is heart-breaking news for horse lovers everywhere. On a more positive note, this is terrific news for everyone at the local glue factory.

Can you really make glue out of horses? I read about it in Animal Farm, so I’m going to assume yes (if anyone out there is an expert on the subject, please enlighten us). Anyways, I extend my condolences to all of Eight Belles’ fans, and my congratulations to all those hard-working Kentucky glue makers.

Lastly, I agree with this petition from PETA calling for the suspension of jockey Gabriel Saez, whom I suspect is guilty of foul play. Sorry for being un-PC, but if there’s one group I don’t trust, it’s 4-foot tall people from Panama. 


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