The Democratic Party

For the most part, I try to avoid talking politics in this forum. One thing that you won’t see anywhere in Quality Prose is political spin. Sure I have opinions about stuff like war, taxes, etc; but I’ll never try to convince you, the reader, to agree with me.

One subject that does interest me is political strategy. I enjoy a good filibuster, a an effective gerrymandering, or a clutch, last-second rider to a congressional funding bill. In that respect, the Democratic Party has reached a new level of tactical buffoonery.

It reminds me a lot of Jean Van De Velde’s historic collapse during the 1999 British Open. Needing only a double-bogey on the last hole to win, Van De Velde completely shit the bed with a series of baffling shots, eventually needing a 6-foot put for triple-bogey (he made the put but lost in the ensuing playoff). In my opinion, his most inane blunder was choosing to hit a driver off the tee: opting for an iron shot would’ve basically guaranteed bogey and a 2-stroke win.

The 2008 general election found the Democrats in a much similar position initially. If you don’t believe me, consider the following:

-The issues that matter most to voters are Iraq (29%) and the economy (21%).
-McCain supports the Iraq war that 63% of the voting public thinks “was a mistake.”
-Regarding the economy, McCain says: “I’m not an expert on a lot of this stuff.”

Piece of cake, huh? Now let’s sit back and watch the Dems cruise to victory:

Source: Rasmussen Reports

Whoops! The funny thing was I came across the following article on Democrats Split on Whether Campaign Is Hurting the Party. It reads, “a majority of Obama supporters say the campaign is hurting the party and that party leaders should get together to back one of the candidates. A majority of Clinton supporters, on the other hand, say the continuing campaign is not hurting the party and should continue.”

Holy shit, I think this guy’s cracked this case. Apparently, supporters of a particular candidate generally favor a nomination process which gives said candidate a better chance of winning. Get the fuck out of here, that’s ridiculous.

Also, I love how instead of gathering the data that would answer his question, he just went around asking random Democrats, “hey, do you know the answer?” That’s Ryan 1, 0.


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