FYI, I’ve recently made lots of enhancements and added a few bells & whistles to this page. I updated my “about” page (before it said something like “hey, this is an about page” no shit really, thanks wordpress) and I also noticed that all my posts were being labeled as “uncategorized”. I was able to fix this problem by categorizing them. I realized that every iota of nonsense I’ve typed and published onto Quality Prose could be generalized under one of the following:

1) Personal Anecdotes – my weird neighbors, etc
2) Stuff I Like – e.g. concerts
3) Stuff I Dislike – crappy songs
4) Meta-Blogging – posts about blogging

Meta-Blogging encompasses posts like “Check it out guys, this blog is totally radical!” (specifically the entries This is a “Blog” and TP Blows Goats). The only point of this post was to talk about Meta-Blogging, just so I would have to create a 5th catagory for posts about Meta-Blogging. I’m not really sure why I wanted to do that, but mission fucking accomplished.


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